Whats Happening With the Public Authority Subsidized Tutoring Framework?

A new set of rules is being drafted by the Ministry of Education, aimed at restricting off-campus tutoring to K-12 students. The rules could be revealed by the end of June, according to sources, who requested anonymity to discuss the subject. Under the proposed rules, academic tutoring on-campus will be banned and off-campus tutoring will be limited to English and math.

One study found that students enrolled in private tutoring lose an average of seven months of learning compared to their peers enrolled in state-subsidized programs. The lack of access to free tutors will further exacerbate the gap between high-achieving students and low-income students. Without access to private tutoring, students will lag behind their more advantaged peers. However, a recent report by the McKinsey & Co. found that the average learning gap between high-performing students and their peers is only seven months.

In addition to high-quality tutoring, public authorities must invest in responsive training for tutors. As the No Child Left Behind program mandated tutoring, the government missed an opportunity to include standards for tutors. The lack of individual attention and stable supports for students is a barrier that families have long wished to be addressed. However, large class sizes and inequitable access to supports make it difficult to give individual attention to all students. The cost of hiring private tutors is out of reach for most families.

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