Top 10 House Movies of All Time

House movies have a rich tradition, ranging from the likes of Richard Matheson‘s Hell House to the more recent The Grudge. Regardless of your preferred genre, there’s sure to be a movie to suit your tastes.

The Others

The Others is an example of a house movie. It’s not the first time a Hollywood producer has tried to recreate the apocalypse in a domestic setting, but it is the first to actually do so with a degree of success.

Despite this, the movie may not be for the faint of heart. Rather than offering a coherent plot or an interesting cast of characters, The Others relies on its narrator to carry the story. This is not a bad thing, but the result is not the classic haunted house film it could have been.


The horror film 1408 is based on Stephen King’s short story of the same name. It’s directed by Mikael Hafstrom and stars John Cusack as a paranormal skeptic who checks into a haunted hotel room in New York.

Mike Enslin is a skeptical author who tries to write books debunking supernatural occurrences. He takes up ghost hunting after his daughter’s death.

One of his books is published in a niche market, so he decides to investigate a hotel in New York City that’s said to be haunted. He finds terrifying things in the room. However, he’s warned not to stay in the room.

We Are Still Here

We Are Still Here is a collaborative program aimed at bringing large-scale public artworks to the Hennepin Theatre District. It is a partnership between the Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI) and the Hennepin Theatre Trust. The project’s central feature is a public art piece designed to promote Native and Indigenous storytelling. As part of the project, NACDI and the Hennepin Theatre Trust will work with three artists to create the centerpiece of a final capstone project, which will be installed in the district during the Hennepin Avenue reopening in 2022.

The Old Dark House

The Old Dark House is a 1963 cult film. It is a classic horror movie from Universal Studios. It features Boris Karloff and Charles Laughton.

In the film, a family of wacky characters inhabit an eerie mansion. They terrorize their guests. A raging storm outside, ghoulish faces in the mirror, and candlelit hallways are all part of the spooky scenery.

This movie was one of the earliest Universal movies. It was based on an English source material and had a quirky sense of humor. It also was a success in its native England.

The Grudge

The Grudge is a horror movie series. It began with the original film, “Ju-On,” which was based on a Japanese movie of the same name. After that, two sequels followed.

Its plot revolves around a haunted house in Tokyo, Japan. The story is about a single mother who discovers the house is haunted. She also has a son who is being tormented.

When a TV crew goes into the house to shoot an episode of a popular show, they find that it is haunted. A male and female demon are present. They are said to have a blue-gray complexion and long black tresses.

Richard Matheson’s Hell House

Richard Matheson’s Hell House is a novel about hauntings and psychic energy. Its plot is similar to Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House. But unlike Jackson’s work, Matheson’s novel is a more explicit gothic ghost story.

Matheson was born in Allendale, New Jersey, and grew up in Brooklyn. He served in the military during World War II. After graduating from Brooklyn Technical High School, he moved to California. During his time in California, he joined the California writers’ group. His first short story, a monstrous child chained in a cellar, brought him fame.

Tim Burton’s The Resort

Tim Burton is one of the most prolific filmmakers of our time. His style of filmmaking is characterized by grand visuals and imaginative settings. He has churned out some of the most enduring classics in the industry. Here are some of his works to watch:

Tim Burton’s The Resort: In this movie, a young man’s marriage to a corpse is interrupted when he is sent to the sleepy town of Sleepy Hollow. At the center of the story is a mysterious school that protects the students from evil forces. Throughout the film, the characters evoke a horror-meets-fantasy effect in the audience’s mind starwikibio.

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