The Best and Worst Gimmicks of WWE Raw

WWE Raw has been a popular staple in professional wrestling since its inception in
1. Over the years, the show has seen a variety of gimmicks and storylines that have kept fans entertained. Some of these gimmicks have worked great, while others have been less successful. In this article, we will take a trendwait look at some of the best and worst gimmicks of WWE Raw. The Best:
2. Stone Cold Steve Austin – Stone Cold Steve Austin was one of the biggest stars in WWE during its Attitude Era, and his feud with Vince McMahon was definitely one of the most entertaining storylines of all time. Austin’s confrontations with McMahon and his rebellious attitude won the hearts of wrestling fans martirenti everywhere.
3. The Invasion – The Invasion storyline from 2001 saw the WWF take on WCW and ECW in a three-way feud. This was an exciting time for WWE as it brought together some of the biggest names in wrestling under one roof.
4. The Rock – The Rock was one of the most popular characters in WWE during the Attitude Era. His charisma and promos were magazinehut unrivaled and his matches were some of the most entertaining in the history of wrestling. The Worst:
5. Katie Vick – This was a controversial angle that saw Kane accused of murdering a woman named Katie Vick. Not only was it a tasteless angle, it also didn’t make much sense and ended up being a huge failure.
6. The Anonymous GM – The Anonymous GM angle was a confusing storyline that saw a figure with a laptop control the show. It was never really tvgosat explained who this person was, and the angle quickly fizzled out.
7. The New World Order – The nWo was popular during its time in WCW, but when it was brought to WWE, it was met with a lukewarm reception. The angle didn’t fit in with the rest of the product and ended up being a huge flop. Overall, WWE Raw has had some great success with its gimmicks and storylines over the years, as well as some less successful ones. While some of these angles have been hit or miss, there is europixhdpro no denying that WWE Raw has been a staple in professional wrestling for many years and continues to entertain fans all around the world tv bucetas.

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