Personal Injury in Car Accidents: Five Important Steps to Take in the Days After a Boston Accident

The biggest fear of every driver is to be involved in an accident. Car accidents can lead to serious damages and bodily injuries. If you have been injured in a car accident, you want to proceed cautiously for your physical and financial recovery. In the days after the accident, one of the most important things you do is to call personal injury lawyers to help you with the legalities of an injury claim. Also, there are other steps you should take:

See a Doctor

After a car accident, you must seek immediate medical attention to get a proper diagnosis and treatment for any injury you may have sustained. While some injuries are obvious right away, others take days or even weeks to present symptoms. Unfortunately, serious injuries like internal organ damage can be fatal when not detected right away. A visit to a doctor will ensure you get a medical examination through which a hidden injury can be discovered. Also, going to the doctor will document your injury, which is essential to your injury claim. 

Get Car Repair Estimates

Have your car assessed for damages and obtain an invoice for the possible cost of repairs.  You can have a family member do this for you. Ensure these expenses are prepared in one place for easy assessment FAQ BLOG

Call Your Insurer

You must inform your insurance company about your accident and see how your expenses will be invoiced. Speak with an insurance representative right away to file your insurance claim. Answer all their questions and send them the contact information of the other driver along with photos and other documents requested dstvportal

Keep Track of Related Records

After filing an insurance claim, keep detailed records of related information. These include your medical records and written car repair estimates. Having these records kept will help you get maximum compensation from the insurance company mynoteworld

Schedule a Consultation with an Attorney

While most car accident claims are settled without the assistance of a lawyer, some may end up on trial.  When you consult with an attorney, ensure you have all records with you. Explain what happened to your attorney in detail, including concerns on proposed settlements from the insurance company of the other driver if you are qualified to make a claim against them. This is when your medical bills are more than $2, 000 and you sustained very serious injuries. The lawyer will review your case and determine if you have a viable claim.

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