Internet to the Rescue: Here Is How You Can Boost Your Designing Skills in Quarantine

With plenty of time at your disposal, thanks to quarantine, it is the perfect opportunity to brush up those designing skills. With just a high-speed internet connection, you can learn the rights things needed to become master in designing.

The modern-day graphic designers come from all sorts of backgrounds. Some of them either learn from courses online, while others took courses in schools. Nonetheless, the only source of education left today is the internet. Since the global pandemic, millions of people in the United States are confined in their homes. With the only internet left for performing the task of life, it is obvious that our blog revolves around the same source as well.

So before we get into how the internet can help you brush up your designing skills here are the much-needed details:

High-speed internet service is the most essential thing you need right now. Whether you want to take classes online or work remotely, the internet has the power of making everything possible during the lockdown. Even to learn new things about designing you need a good and stable internet connection.

The good news here is that if you are living in the United States,Cox Internet is one of the high-speed internet service providers in the country. With their affordable internet packages, you can totally benefit yourself from learning new things on the internet without facing any hindrance. Moreover, the company offers Cox TV packages, which are bonus entertainment in a time of social isolation.

Well, now that we know which internet will serve the best for this purpose lets jump into how we can brush up designing skills during a lockdown:

Design Crash Course – Interactive Tutorials

On the internet, there are tutorials for everything. If you want to learn cooking, there is a tutorial. If you want to learn makeup, tutorials are available. If you want to kill someone and bury their body in the safest place possible, there’s a tutorial, okay we are just kidding here.

Basically, what want we want to indicate here is that if you want to benefit yourself with intuitive learning for your future design projects then design crash courses should be your go-to.

Here are some examples of the design crash courses online:

Keeping it Simple

YourCanva Toolkit

The effect of alignment

Time to Read

No matter which field you belong to there is always a book written on it. And since we are living in the digital era, you’ll find a blog on everything. Similarly, for graphic designing, there are tons of books and blogs that you can benefit from.

Also because we all have plenty of time due to lockdown in our states, it’s the best time to invest it into something useful.

Reading books written on design and graphic designing specifically are helpful but choosing blogs as a medium for gaining knowledge is a much better option.

Blogs help a reader know more things about their field. For instance, if you are connected to a design blog site you will find the innovation in the design field. Also, you’ll be updated with the major changes in the field.

So here are some famous design blogs that you can benefit from:

Artwork Adobe

FastCo Design

Canva Learn



Also, if you are not an internet person, which is shocking to know, here are some book recommendations as well:

Graphic Design Theory: Readings from the Field by Helen Armstrong.

Interaction of color: 50th Anniversary Edition by Josef Albers.

100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design by Steven Heller.

The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst.

Get Inspired

If you are a graphic designer, you know how important it is to remain inspired by other people’s work. Collecting inspiration is part of every graphic designer’s job. And this is something they all do on a daily basis. However, with too much on our hands-on usual days, it’s hard to actually get into the details of the material that inspires us.

But now that we have some extra hours to improve our design skills we should focus more deeply on things that we find inspiring.

For instance, if a logo seems catchy and appealing to you, you should dive into its details. Like what is the back-story of this logo? Alternatively, what inspiration did this logo maker took to produce something of his own.


Graphic design involves constant learning and upgrade. With an extra hour on our hands due to coronavirus, it is the perfect time to spend those hours into doing something productive. For this purpose, you can take help from the internet and learn things online for brushing up your designing skills.


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