How to Legitimize Distance Tutoring During Interviews

As a distance tutor, you probably don’t have any formal qualifications or teaching experience. Therefore, when you apply for a job, you have to legitimize distance tutoring. You can do this by mentioning that you’ve worked with a tutoring company or a private tutoring center. In your interview, make sure to explain how you teach. Private tutors are not usually given any training, and so they exercise the knowledge they bring with them. Additionally, some private tutoring companies require applicants to take a paper-based test to prove their communication skills.

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The answers of interviewees often emphasized remuneration. The interviews also focused on the fact that they were pursuing tutoring as a way to broaden their curriculum and earn some remuneration. While this is valuable, few people live from tutoring. In most cases, it’s a stepping stone to a teaching career. Tutors typically have a background in the market, and invest in training in order to be able to teach.

While this is not a first choice for a career, it is a good idea to associate the job with a sense of accomplishment and achievement. If it doesn’t feel good, tutoring loses its meaning. Several interviewees compared tutoring to addiction or alcohol. For this reason, distance tutors need to be able to identify with these feelings. This will help them convince the hiring committee that they’re the right fit for the position.

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