Convert Your Balcony into a Cat Safe Area with These 7 Tips

Domestic cats living in urban areas may have fewer places to explore around home. If you are a cat owner living in an apartment, your furball has little choice but to get used to living indoors. The nearest outdoor zone it can frequent is your balcony to find a place under the minishortner sun.

At the same time, your balcony cannot be called a safe place for your fur baby to spend time because of the risks like tripping and falling, getting burnt by hot grills, and nibbling on toxic house plants. Cats don’t fear heights, and they delight in being perched up in high places, which is why you must constantly monitor your cat’s activities when allowed to visit the balcony.

Feline falls from high-rise buildings, windows, and balconies can lead to deadly health consequences. While some injuries can be treated, others can only be managed. Plus, in some  cases, cats don’t survive the fall. You should consider purchasing cat insurance for reasons like this and many others. Even with cheap pet insurance, your furball will be medically covered for accidental injuries and health emergencies.

So, reflect on how best you can provide your cat with superior medical assistance should such a situation arise. In the meantime, read this article to learn how to convert your balcony to a cat-safe area.

  1. Cat proof your balcony with mesh or wires. Ensure there are no security loopholes so your fur baby doesn’t get into unwanted troubles while peeping out of them.
  2. Provide perches and posts where your furry friend can sit and watch the flying birds and other events below. However, these options must be provided only if the balcony is completely enclosed.
  3. If you have spare time, the required tools, and materials, try constructing an enclosed catwalk or catio. Check online to find some motivation, instructions, design plans, photos, and more so you can get started with the work.
  4. Buy a large crate and place it where your furball can comfortably sit inside and have a panoramic view of the scenes brewing around the balcony.
  5. Make an arrangement to provide a shady area on your balcony, so the kitty stays safe on hot days. Refill its water bowl and food dish so they can quietly eat, drink, and nap there.
  6. Don’t forget to place a litter box in a sheltered corner so your munchkin can quickly use it when needed.
  7. Remove the plants that can harm your fur baby’s health. You can consider using plants in hanging pots or ones fixed to the wall to keep potentially poisonous greens out of your cat’s reach.

Providing enrichment for furry fellows within the home can be challenging for the city-dwelling community, especially when they don’t have the required space, time, and money. Still, with a bit of creativity and DIY lessons, they can transform their homes and, eventually, the lives of their feline pets.

Through all this, it is advisable  to be financially prepared with cheap pet insurance to tackle unexpected pet health scenarios. Cat insurance can relieve much of the financial burden during emergencies and other covered medical conditions.So, aren’t these reasons enough to consider buying a pet policy?

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